Local Research

Local Research

Research shows us that the ‘wrap around’ model is key in addressing the mosaic of issues affecting children and young people across the community. Having a whole of community approach has required the engagement of various stakeholders in the early stages of this project. This included educators, families and young people in educational settings, health services, family support projects, early intervention programs, youth services, community services and local business.  


Once the data collected from these consultations was analysed the information was shared with the wider community via a number of avenues including posters with key ideas, sharing data at forums and dissemination through the projects newsletter.


Below is the program logic that shows the overarching outcomes of the project and below are several data summaries produced as posters. Click on the buttons to download the files.

2019 Research

Post School Pathways Research – 26 weeks

This project was scoped through consultation with the Education Forum through three meetings and a workshop

 - Initially titled the ‘Pre and Post School Pathways Project’, Mining Minds interviewed site leaders and compiled notes to create a    SWOT analysis and emerging themes document for this project early in the year

 - Mining Minds recruited a researcher from Semann & Slattery to scope what was re-named the ‘Post School Pathways Project’

 - The Post School Pathways draft workplan was approved at the 2018 Think Tank and is ready to progress in 2019



This project centres on supporting secondary students in the Olympic Dam area with enhanced opportunity from years 10 to post school. The output of this work will take the form of a well-researched and tailored model describing how best to link secondary students to BHP and other local business in the Olympic Dam area. It links to the Minerals Australia Social investment strategy; Education Sub-plan. In particular

  • Attraction and Retention– reduces risk of employees leaving the business when their children reach High School age

  • Inclusion and Diversity Targets- assists with delivery against commitments through education to employment pipeline

  • Future Employment–ensures high quality local people can meet future workforce requirements


The research aims to investigate how to build capacity locally to increase local employment opportunities.

Early Years Mapping Research – 26 weeks



This research project centres on a mapping and gapping exercise to understand what the needs of our community are in the early years space. Using a mixed model: community consultation and desktop research, it will include recommendations and may include: service provision/offerings within the community, synergies, gaps, pedagogy at sites, governance, the opening of the new Children's Centre and its relation to the Community Hub. The project links to the Minerals Australia Social investment strategy; Education Sub-plan. 


In particular the research aims to investigate how to build capacity locally to reduce vulnerability in the Early Years.

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