Projects and Collaborations

Practitioner Enquiry
Professional Development

The Mining Minds project research highlighted that educators in our community play a vital role in the success of students and they need to be provided with the best possible learning opportunities.


This initiative is solidly grounded in research and the professional literature with participants undertaking research and trying out new ideas as part of the training. 

In 2019 Mining Minds is delighted to be working with sites through practitioner enquiry on agreed site-specific target areas and negotiated participant questions under the umbrella of the site focus area.

This year sees the introduction of an online platform component supporting local educators. This digital support includes a practitioner enquiry workbook (for those sites choosing to engage in this way) with access to facilitators and discussion boards online.

Face to face facilitation for site-specific groups is conducted in the style of a learning community and supported by additional coaching built into the delivery model. 

Research Projects
Post School Pathways &
Early Years Mapping

Post School Pathways Research Project

This project centres on supporting secondary students in the Olympic Dam area with enhanced opportunity from years 10 to post school. The output of this work will take the form of a well-researched and tailored model describing how best to link secondary students to BHP and other local business in the Olympic Dam area. It links to the Minerals Australia Social investment strategy; Education Sub-plan. In particular

  • Attraction and Retention– reduces risk of employees leaving the business when their children reach High School age

  • Inclusion and Diversity Targets- assists with delivery against commitments through education to employment pipeline

  • Future Employment–ensures high quality local people can meet future workforce requirements

Early Years Mapping Research Project

This research project centres on a mapping and gapping exercise to understand what the needs of our community are in the early years space. Using a mixed model: community consultation and desktop research, it will include recommendations and may include: service provision/ offerings within the community, synergies, gaps, pedagogy at sites, governance, the opening of the new Children's Centre and its relation to the Community Hub. The project links to the Minerals Australia Social investment strategy; Education Sub-plan. In particular the research aims to investigate how to build capacity locally to reduce vulnerability in the Early Years.

Parent Partnerships and Learning
E.I Parenting, E.I Book Club & Circle of Security

In 2018 Mining Minds piloted an Emotional Intelligence Parent Enquiry Group. This program was recommended for further expansion by Social Ventures Australia in their external review of Mining Minds in 2018.

The E.I Parenting Groups will commence in 2019 as weekly support groups where parents can reflect, discuss and enquire about relevant parenting topics such as tantrums vs meltdowns, boundaries, emotional literacy, self-control and more. 

Parents lead their own learning journey and our facilitator supports the group with child development knowledge and by conducting research in response to the current interests of the group. Resources are co-produced with parents and digital resources located by the facilitator are posted to a Facebook group.

Circle of Security Parenting is an 8 week internationally renown parent reflection program bringing over 50 years of attachment research to parents wanting to better understand their child's emotional needs beneath their behaviours. This course will be delivered in collaboration with the Children's Centre. 

The E.I Book Club runs weekly at the Community Hub as an opportunity for children to expand their emotional language and literacy. Books are carefully selected to support the development of early emotional literacy, emotional concepts and messages of social intelligence such as kindness.

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